An outbreak of heresy hunters @ Morningstar


So worship @ Morningstar last night was… WOAH. And the teaching on healing was excellent. I’m not going to get into testimony-time in this thread (as I decompress I’ll blog about last night and post it. Let’s just say even my socks got anointed… )

Ken and I both perceived, at different points during worship, a strong demonic presence in the room. It felt like it was brooding. Or festering. That might be a better word.

So worship ended and Todd Bentley took the stage and started to take up the evening offering. From the balcony a voice rang out – screeching about adultery and repentance. Security came and got him.

Then, in turn from all around the room other men did the same thing. I think there were five in all who spoke up. There were two more who hung out the rest of service and didn’t say anything.

It was ugly. As each man began to speak you could actually feel the demonic presence coming from them. It was like… it was on their voices. Not something I’ve experienced quite like that before.

Todd was gracious. I was impressed. I don’t believe I would have been that nice under those circumstances.

Security helped them all find the door. All but one went peacefully.

Janet went to the ladies room shortly after that and said the place was swarming with police. I’m not sure if the guys got arrested, or if the cops just gave them a stern talking to.

I’m pretty sure that one of hte guys was Bud Press. Sounded like his voice

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  1. Steve – people who love other people don't act that way. ::shrugs:: but to each their own. If you like that, feel free to embrace them. :)

    On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 4:36 PM, Kathi Sharpe <> wrote:

  2. In retrospect, I decided to delete what Steve said rather than let it stand (his other six or eight increasingly vile comments helped me to make that decision.)

    Steve, you're welcome to read here – but if you continue to post in such a way that I have to stop what I'm doing, pray for your blood pressure, and delete what you've said – I'll IP ban you in order to help you behave.

  3. There's a question that I haven't received a response from yet… from heresy hunters… "Do you not understand that most Christians disagree on certain biblical points?"

    The issue is this- heresy hunters presume to be the only bible scholars with an approved interpretation of biblical non-absolutes. There is zero room for healthy, enjoyable debate… they are right and literally every single other person in the world is wrong.

    They presume to have the final word on everything- tongues, manifestations, timing of the rapture, Calvinism vs. Armenianism, etc.

    If anybody disagrees on any of it, they are deemed to be demonized, a heretic, following another Jesus, etc.

    I haven't been able to find any of them… not one… who will discuss this point.

    Again, the question is- do you agree that some Christians have differing interpretations on some biblical points?

    For example… Todd Bentley and the angel Emma. Why do people have such a hard time with that? The only reason I've heard is because the Bible doesn't mention female angels. That's it. Is there something I'm missing? Is it fair to call Todd a heretic because of that single issue? Is that enough evidence to prove that he's inhabited by Satan? I'm not talking about his other issues… is that single issue enough to renounce him?

  4. Not sure why my replies via email are not working. Might be (yet another) comment system is about to bite the dust.

    The only reason they call Todd Bentley a heretic is because he believes with all his heart, mind, and soul in the REDEMPTIVE and TRANSFORMATIVE power of Christ. They do not believe that Christ can redeem, save, heal, deliver, set free from bondage. Ergo he (and you, and I) upset their apple cart because we have something that they lack.

  5. Right… I was on the Slaughter of the Sheep site… just having very nice, healthy dialogue… one person even said she appreciated my kind approach… but then, man, it all just blew up.

    Apparently anybody who supports grace, forgiveness and redemption… in regard to divorce, for example… is a heretic. Can God not forgive and restore Todd?

    It's honestly so sad… so many of these people are just mean and there's no kindness or tenderness at all. Don't they know that it's kindness that leads people to repentance?

  6. OK trying an email reply from the computer as a test (maybe it's something in the cell phone email system that's weird?):

    These people travel earth and sea to win one proselyte and make them twice as much a son of hell as they are. If you're not willing to become just like them, you are obviously a heretic. Obviously. They've even taken to doing drive-by shootings on facebook and twitter and people who won't look at their websites are labeled heretics.

  7. Intersting.  Not sure how long ago this was.  IMHO, as a Christ-Led Child of the King, I believe there is usually a process in the Church that deals with sin.  My Small Church Group, adopts the process of the Church it came out of.  WHich is for the all members (non denomonation, do formal sign up contracts) are given nearly 4 chances to repent if the sin is true.  Finding out the truth on the matter is 1st.

    The Eldgers go to the brother/sister and with all the love of Christ disuss it with them.  Hearing is more important than talking judgementally.   Anyway, it usually never gets to the last steps, because if the person was trully a Christ -led person, repentance comes.  Without threats of hell and judgenment coming from the elders lips.  The just speak the word of God from the Bible.  ANyway, I have never known anyone that has been forcablity barred from coming in the church building.  But, I have seen one about 5 years ago in the old church that had been castigated (the last step) in front of the body.  This simply asks to pray for such snd uch, that the elders tried many times to help him see the error and sin.  He refused and has been un repented.  If that person keeps comming to services( even during this acknowledgemnt in from of the body, they usually feel exposed and castigated.  Which better if he is to come to repentance.  The Bible is expliit on this.

    Yelling during a service is plain wrong, regaurdless.  Other people are there for a worshipfull, enlightening experience.  You are putting others in an embarrasing situation.  Of Course, they’ll feel very negative and put off in a big way.  You have essentially dirtied thier “Spiritual Water” as it were.  All because you are thinking it is a proper place to do this (5 times even).  It is not what God would have ANYone do.  It IS His House.  You only harden the hearts of the unsaved folk there, who may be in there to receive a seed or salvation itself.  These folk are not members of the church I kind think.  If you want to do something in a “wide audience” sort of way; go get interview on TV.  I am sure the world will be chomping at the bits to get a inter Church skizim going for some hot events on the news.

    True Christians can laugh it off and shake there heads in amazment.  But there is true hatred for the Christ-led.  They are coming right on in and there goal is to disrupt, embarrass, even bully, the Church body.  Like those Gay Activists some time ago.  They through there leaflets all over.  They were escoted out as peacably as the could be, picked up there mess, and helped the elderly woman off the ground when she wanted to leave.  These clods were demonic I think.   Not even polite enough to let the lady leave.

    We haven’t seen the true things that are know being down to Chrisitans around the world.  We think it could not happen here in the US.  It already has, a lot.  Yu see the media just isn’t gonna tell you those stories.

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