An outbreak of heresy hunters @ Morningstar


So worship @ Morningstar last night was… WOAH. And the teaching on healing was excellent. I’m not going to get into testimony-time in this thread (as I decompress I’ll blog about last night and post it. Let’s just say even my socks got anointed… )

Ken and I both perceived, at different points during worship, a strong demonic presence in the room. It felt like it was brooding. Or festering. That might be a better word.

So worship ended and Todd Bentley took the stage and started to take up the evening offering. From the balcony a voice rang out – screeching about adultery and repentance. Security came and got him.

Then, in turn from all around the room other men did the same thing. I think there were five in all who spoke up. There were two more who hung out the rest of service and didn’t say anything.

It was ugly. As each man began to speak you could actually feel the demonic presence coming from them. It was like… it was on their voices. Not something I’ve experienced quite like that before.

Todd was gracious. I was impressed. I don’t believe I would have been that nice under those circumstances.

Security helped them all find the door. All but one went peacefully.

Janet went to the ladies room shortly after that and said the place was swarming with police. I’m not sure if the guys got arrested, or if the cops just gave them a stern talking to.

I’m pretty sure that one of hte guys was Bud Press. Sounded like his voice