2016: Obama’s America


In a word… wow.

A bunch of us went to see 2016: Obama’s America last night. It’s true – “Love him, hate him… but you don’t know him.”  See the trailer here: http://2016themovie.com/trailer/

I highly recommend that every American should see this movie, regardless of political leaning, regardless of ideology or party. It scares the pants off the ultra-left, and it should, because the film exposes a lot of things that the far left would rather have remained hidden.

Dinesh D’Sousa is one of the good guys – super smart (he’s a college president and best-selling author), Christian (and has written extensively on biblical scholarship and apologetics in a similar vein to Ravi Zacharias and Norm Geisler), unflappable and honorable. He also can relate to Barack Obama in ways that most Americans cannot, because in some ways they share similar backgrounds.

D’Sousa makes an excellent case that many of Obama’s policies stem from the anticolonialist ideology that his Kenyan father embraced. Once pointed out, it’s very easy to see this ideology in Obama’s foreign policy – why he supports some countries and abhors others even to the point of offense or severing long-standing alliances. Unfortunately, many of those who are anticolonialists in today’s world are not the sort of folks our founding fathers were. It’s true that in some cases bad men may be running a country; however it does no good for badder men to overthrow those currently in power.

Over the course of the film it becomes fairly obvious what will happen to America if Obama is re-elected… and it goes against everything this country has built since its inception. Quite frankly, quite seriously, without hype or hyperbole, America as we know it will cease to exist.

I greatly appreciated that the movie brought disagreement and raised concerns without dishonoring the man or the office. A fine line to walk, indeed! It also did not make an issue out of religion (other than to correctly identify Obama’s former pastor as a liberation-theology guy).

The one thing I wish that D’Sousa had addressed more thoroughly was the issue of the birth certificate and citizenship. He glossed over that in about ten seconds, leaving the viewer to assume that BO is in fact constitutionally qualified to be our President. I suspect that he side-stepped it because it’s SUCH a polarizing issue and, at this point, a moot point.  We should be far more concerned about other constitutional crimes and offenses being openly committed by the man in the office – and we should be focused on getting him OUT.

See the movie – and pray – and vote.

I would even urge Democrats to see this movie and vote against Obama this election. I do understand that he espouses (or at least gives lip service) to some of your ideals… however, I do believe that he stands against more than he stands for. Great harm will come to all of us – even to the system that allows us to disagree and to vote our conscience – if you allow him to retain that high office. Either vote for Romney or write in a candidate if you feel you can’t vote for Romney (I get that he doesn’t fit your values – but I’m telling you – Romney fits your values better than Obama).

Again – see the movie – pray – and vote.

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  1. Like I said on Facebook… I believe this election comes down to one thing: The Constitution. It’s not about the economy, religion, morals, or anything else. Just “do we stand for a Constitutional government (regardless of ideology), or do we scrap it and revert to another form of government?”

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