A time to plant …

It’s time! It’s finally time!

The Lord brought us to Wilmington for a purpose – to plant, nurture, grow, harvest, and plant more. He’s given us a passion for this city and the surrounding region, and a plan for bringing true Kingdom transformation to this place.

We’re going to be gathering people – all sorts of people.

You may be a “lifelong” Christian, you may be a recent convert, you may be wondering what this Jesus stuff is all about. You might be lost, or you might be found. You may have been relegated to sitting in a church pew, or you might be a minister yourself. You might be from a different sort of church background. You may be walking wounded, or you may be wholly restored. Maybe you’re black or white or Asian or Hispanic or … Whatever. Maybe you’re rich. Maybe you’re poor. Maybe you’re somewhere in between. You might work with your hands, or work in an office.  You might be a musician (feel free to bring instruments and join in the flow of worship) or you might not be able to carry a tune (it’s ok you’re in good company with us) … We will make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Everyone is welcome.

We’re meeting every 2nd and 4th Friday nights at 7pm at our home in Wrightsboro (just a few minutes from downtown Wilmington). Our first meeting is this Friday, September 9th. We will not be meeting in Wilmington on Friday, September 23, we are instead inviting everyone who is able to come with us to the Eyes & Wings Conference with Wes & Stacy Campbell at our “home” church, New Day the Church at High Point. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the details! 

Aside from a starting time, we don’t really have a format or structure (on purpose). We’re not sure what it will look like! It’s His time, not ours.

Here’s an idea of what we’re anticipating:

Jesus said to pray, “On earth as it is in Heaven” and we have prayed for years, “right here, right now, as it is in Heaven.” We know that our commission as believers in the right-now Kingdom of God is to bring transformation.

We know that God is present in every believer and in this place, and so we will invite that raw presence to be fully manifest, and we will follow His agenda each time we meet.

We’ll worship with reckless abandon and exuberant freedom and passionate reverence.

We’ll give and receive words, healing, hope.

We will love Him and one another fervently and passionately. We will “do life” both as a community and IN the community.

We’ll teach and be taught.

He will speak strategy, wisdom, and timing for the outreaches and ministries that will bring Kingdom transformation to our region.

We will function according to the five-fold model outlined in Scripture. People will be fully equipped for the work of ministry and will be launched into their destiny.

This will be a house of healing, restoration, hope, worship and joy.

We will exalt the Lord and make Him famous. This is His church.