Are angels male or female?

1377128_porcelain_angelSo much discussion out there about whether angels are “male” or “female” (with many weighing in and saying that they simply CANNOT be female).

I highly doubt that when we see angels, we are seeing their true form. They often appear as people, or as light, or occasionally as animals or other sorts of beings. Even when they are humanoids, they are male or female, adult or child, as forty feet tall, or as four inches tall, with wings, without wings, with different-shaped wings, in assorted skin colors (both flesh-tones and not), in assorted clothing or androgynously nude, with weapons or tools and without… and occasionally I’ve seen angels that aren’t “living beings” in appearance at all; once I saw one that was a brick wall. Does that mean there are angels that look like brick walls? I don’t think so.

I’ve always taken these differences to be less descriptive of the angel itself, and more descriptive of what the Lord is revealing to us through His messenger. In other words, we should evaluate what we see in terms of prophetic symbolism (in addition to any other consideration, such as if the angel says or does something).

47063_angel1An angel who appears to be male and is wearing armor and bearing a sword would have a different meaning than, say, one who appears to be female who is taking notes on scrolls and dispatching other angels with these notes. For a long time at our church, there were angels who were in charge of the harvest – there were sowing, reaping, and winnowing angels – followed by angels who had fresh-baked bread. Each corresponded to a season the church was in. Often what we see shows us how to co-labor with God in that moment of time.

Since I know that someone will show up and quote the verse about satan transforming himself into an angel of light, and therefore we should never take direction from an angel, and really, we should avoid all angels, let me ask you to do this: Follow this link [Blue Letter Bible Search: Angel Said], read each one, and get back to me on that. Especially considering that there’s an angel with the everlasting gospel to preach – and that IS what God wishes for us to do in this season, isn’t it? It’s all about divine partnership.