Thirteen Reasons Why I Love Hallowe’en

Historically, Christians have hated Hallowe’en. We’ve demonized people who celebrate it. We’ve created “family friendly Hallowe’en alternatives” or we’ve simply shut off the outside lights, drawn the curtains, and huddled together waiting for the evil night to be over with for another year.

I call “nonsense” on all of that. There are many reasons why Christians should love and celebrate Hallowe’en. Here are some of them (feel free to add more in the comments):

#1 – The world beats a path to our doorstep – which is the perfect position from which we can invite them to come IN.

#2 – People are wanting to get, get, get – we’ve got the opportunity to give, give, give.

#3 – People are dressing up in disguises and trying to be someone else – we can show them what it looks like to live unmasked, just as God created mankind to be.

#4 – It’s marketed as a day of darkness – and we are children of light with a commission to destroy darkness. To destroy darkness, we must encounter darkness.

#5 -It’s marketed as “the devil’s day” – but this is the day the Lord has made. We rejoice and are glad in it!

#6 – Everyone is celebrating the supernatural – we can demonstrate the really, really supernatural to them!

#7 – People just want to be happy – we can introduce them to joy.

#8 – There’s a belief that the veil between the worlds is thin on this day – we can share the good news that the veil is torn forever!

#9 – People believe in ghosts – we can introduce them to the ghost who is Holy.

#10 – The holiday pays homage to the dead – we can introduce them to One who was dead, and is now alive…and we have been given the power to RAISE the dead.

#11 – It’s all about the occult and mysteries – what a great time to introduce them to the Kingdom of God!

#12 – The Bible soundly condemns having fellowship with devils – what a great time to cast devils out of people!

#13 – There are some who worship pagan gods or even satan on this night – let’s invite Jesus to go to those rituals! What will they do when they have a corporate vision of the risen Lord?


IMAGE CREDIT: By Belinda Hankins Miller (originally posted to Flickr as first house) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Are angels male or female?

1377128_porcelain_angelSo much discussion out there about whether angels are “male” or “female” (with many weighing in and saying that they simply CANNOT be female).

I highly doubt that when we see angels, we are seeing their true form. They often appear as people, or as light, or occasionally as animals or other sorts of beings. Even when they are humanoids, they are male or female, adult or child, as forty feet tall, or as four inches tall, with wings, without wings, with different-shaped wings, in assorted skin colors (both flesh-tones and not), in assorted clothing or androgynously nude, with weapons or tools and without… and occasionally I’ve seen angels that aren’t “living beings” in appearance at all; once I saw one that was a brick wall. Does that mean there are angels that look like brick walls? I don’t think so.

I’ve always taken these differences to be less descriptive of the angel itself, and more descriptive of what the Lord is revealing to us through His messenger. In other words, we should evaluate what we see in terms of prophetic symbolism (in addition to any other consideration, such as if the angel says or does something).

47063_angel1An angel who appears to be male and is wearing armor and bearing a sword would have a different meaning than, say, one who appears to be female who is taking notes on scrolls and dispatching other angels with these notes. For a long time at our church, there were angels who were in charge of the harvest – there were sowing, reaping, and winnowing angels – followed by angels who had fresh-baked bread. Each corresponded to a season the church was in. Often what we see shows us how to co-labor with God in that moment of time.

Since I know that someone will show up and quote the verse about satan transforming himself into an angel of light, and therefore we should never take direction from an angel, and really, we should avoid all angels, let me ask you to do this: Follow this link [Blue Letter Bible Search: Angel Said], read each one, and get back to me on that. Especially considering that there’s an angel with the everlasting gospel to preach – and that IS what God wishes for us to do in this season, isn’t it? It’s all about divine partnership.

God’s fiery judgment upon America


There is (yet another) problem with Christians saying that all of these mass murders, bombings, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and politicians is the “judgment of God” because America is in sin, the most grievous sin being our cultural rejection of God.

The thing is, you can’t have “God is judging America for rejecting Him” and Luke 9:51-56 be simultaneously true.

Jesus and the guys headed off in the general direction of Jerusalem, and on the way, they decided to hang out with the Samaritans and have some lunch. [1. This is obviously my paraphrase of the NKJV]

But the Samaritans did not receive Him, because His face was set for the journey to Jerusalem. He wasn’t about to do what they wanted because He was about His Father’s business, so they gave Him the boot. 

And when James and John saw this rejection of their Jesus, they said, “Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, just as Elijah did?” As James spoke, John was making  Bomb_Drop  noises and grinning with excitement that they would get to display the raw power of God in this way. 


But when they said that (and John started with the brimstone-exploding-on-flesh sounds), Jesus turned and rebuked them, and said, “You do not know what manner of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them.”

Have you been sitting on the judgment seat? Time to get off from there. Jesus Christ the Sinless Son of Man became sin… your sin… Hitler’s sin… Obama’s sin… the Boston Marathon bomber’s sin… your mother’s sin…fully identified with the worst of us… so that you, Hitler, Obama, the BMB, and your momma could become the righteousness of Christ.

Your sin was no better or more righteous than anybody else’s… no matter how you try to whitewash it. There was a time when you rejected Christ… and yet He didn’t destroy you… He didn’t judge you… He loved you… and He commissioned you to love others.

So it’s time to stop wanting to call down fire from heaven on people you don’t like, and start loving them the way Jesus did… not to destroy their lives, and send them to hell, but to save them. It’s time for a heart-shift… to a true alignment with the power of the cross and the purpose of Heaven… to begin to live out the Prayer, “on earth as it is in Heaven”.

It’s time to quit warning of wrath, and warn about love, instead.

The Judgment of God upon Sinners

Hello, people… what happened yesterday in Boston was not about the judgment of God.

If you believe it is, follow this train of thought and where it leads to:

1) God is ticked that people are sinning.
2) God wants people to stop sinning.
3) Murder is a sin.
4) Since enough people won’t “repent” of their sins, God is REALLY ticked.
5) God inspires someone to sin because people are sinning.

Ummmmm. Yeah. What kind of schizogod is that?

Generational healing

God not only heals, He heals to the uttermost, and to the generations…

I say this because I was born with a genetic disease called ehlers-danlos syndrome. It’s a very rare flaw in the gene that makes collagen, and it comes in several different types. The type that I had, and my children had, resulted in very hypermobile and easily dislocated joints, excruciating pain, skin elasticity and fragility, and did I mention excruciating pain?

There is no medical cure… no hope for treatment, presently, beyond bracing and splinting loose joints and managing the pain.

But God…

I was healed completely, in an instant, in 2006. Every trace of the disease was gone from my body… and the next day, I was delivered from the dependence upon the pain drugs, which suddenly became unnecessary 🙂

My children have been receiving a progressive healing ever since. They both are now in physically demanding jobs – something the doctors once declared impossible. My son’s hips were recently evaluated and the doctor says they are normal!

What’s more, my son and his wife just had a baby… both the hospital pediatric team and her personal pediatrician agree… there is absolutely NO sign of the disease in her body. None.

Healed… to the uttermost… to the generations…

That is His promise to you today as well… you can be saved, healed, and delivered RIGHT NOW from anything – any disease, any issues of the heart, any wounds from your past, anything that afflicts you. What’s more, your children and grandchildren and entire family line can be healed.

All of these things are the activity of the enemy. They are not God’s plan… He is not the author of your pain… Jesus came to destroy all of these works of darkness and commissioned us to do the same. So…Draw near to God… He will draw near to you… resist the devil, and he will flee… and arise in your healing!