Attorney General tells doctor he can’t practice medicine. “feelings, it’s all about feelings”.

The New Hampshire attorney general is investigating a Rochester doctor because a patient complained that he bluntly told her she needed to lose weight. Dr. Terry Bennett said that he’s outraged by what he calls a baseless complaint. A patient was apparently insulted when Bennett told her that she was obese and could only get healthier by losing weight. …… Bennett said that the Attorney General’s Office tried to get him to settle the matter by agreeing to attend a medical education course, which he refused.

New Hampshire has become a bastion of blithering bobbleheads. 🙁

I don’t have the impression from the article that Doctor Bennet took this lady by the jowls and shrieked “YOU FAT PIG!” in her face.

It sounds like he said something along the lines of, “Look, you – if you don’t lose the gut you’ve developed, you and I will be seeing a lot more of each other, and then I’ll have to posthumously introduce you to my friend, the undertaker. You’ll be increasingly miserable along the way. Let’s see if we can avoid that.”

Our doc sat my husband down and told him the same exact thing in the same exact tone of voice the other week (made me want to stand up and cheer, not sue somebody)

I guess the old saying, “The truth hurts” probably holds, here —

But SOMEONE needs to keep hammering the truth home to this lady. The medical board needs to support this doctor and not be pussyfooting around. If she’s obese, she’s obese. The doctor’s obligation is to tell her so.

The Attorney General, on the other hand, needs to butt out. It’s not his business to tell doctors how to doctor. What kind of country do we live in, anyway?

A note about one Mr. Robby Rush, “Occult Specialist”

Edited January 19, 2011

Dear friends,

At one point about six years ago, I placed a post here discussing some issues with Robby Rush. At the time, there were some pressing issues with the man and his perceived role in the Christian community, specifically among those of us who reach out to people involved in the occult.

As is the nature of blogs, life moved on but years later, the post remained. Most posts will “die” over time, that is, no one goes back and reads them or comments on them. This one, however, did not – it seems that everyone has an opinion (good and bad) about Mr. Rush and would like to use my blog to express it.

At one point, I didn’t care – but now I care deeply. God is teaching me a lot about honor these days, and about how our words can place people in a box that it’s difficult for them to escape from. I would like to apologize, and state that I wish God’s best for Robby, wherever he may be these days.

So I have deleted what was previously on this page, and I am closing comments for this post. If anyone has a concern about that, they can email me.