iLASIK Video Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

Check out the iLASIK Video Contest… Abbott Medical Optics, Inc. (AMO) does laser vision correction. They’re sponsoring a video contest where you can win cash and prizes (Grand Prize is $5K – not bad eh?)

So, get creative – you can do a music video, or a “this is a day in my life”, or a detailed video about how you could do a craft or hobby with better eyesight. Talk about your contacts are really a pain and you’d like to get rid of them. Or interview friends and family and put together a collage of opinions about vision. What would be better or different if you didn’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses?

So here’s what you do – Go to their website and submit a video in any of the categories listed on the site. Get your friends to vote on your video.

Grand prize is $5000, you can also win an HDTV package or camcorder. There will be one grand prize winner plus three 1st prize and 3 2nd prize winners (1 in each category for each).

Submit your videos, view and vote on all entries at

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Book Review: The Year of Living Like Jesus (Ed Dobson)

I recently read Ed Dobson’s book, The Year of Living Like Jesus. Great stuff, I highly recommend reading it (doing it… well… you decide for yourself 🙂 )

From the cover:

Evangelical pastor Ed Dobson had a radical idea…

“Live one year as Jesus lived. Eat as Jesus ate. Pray as Jesus prayed. Observe the sabbath as Jesus observed. Attend the Jewish festivals as Jesus attended. Read the Gospels every week.”

Ed spent a year and literally asked himself, “What would Jesus do?” and then He did those things. Remember – Jesus was Jewish. He kept the law – AND He was sinless. What would that look like lived out?

I know a little bit about Judaism and what “the stuff” of Jewish-ness is. Or so I thought. All of those rules!! Just the dietary restrictions alone make my mind go to mush – and I’m a person who’s used to dealing with a restricted diet!! To keep perfectly kosher is a huge task.

Ed faced some interesting questions in his journey – ranging from “What would Jesus wear in the 20th century?” to “How would Jesus respond in this situation?”… when he sat down and really looked at it, our “WWJD?” falls way, way short of what Jesus would have really done.

I think the one thing that challenged me most in the “Why don’t you do that?” arena was reading the gospels every week. Do we really really really know all the things Jesus did and said? Isn’t that, um, kind of important?  😀

Ed did do some things that I disagree with, and I even question – for instance, he got together with the Catholics and prayed the rosary. I didn’t get it… why would he do that? Sure he doesn’t think that Jesus did? But those elements pale in comparison to the central theme of the book –  The magnitude of how Jesus lived and His sacrifice for us is much greater than we’d ever imagined… and maybe we should take the time to imagine…

Want your eyes opened? Here are some Excerpts from The Year of Living Like Jesus.

Buy the book on Amazon: The Year of Living Like Jesus

Check out Ed Dobson’s Website

See Ed on Facebook: Ed Dobson’s Facebook Profile

List of all participating bloggers in this blog tour of the book

DISCLAIMER: (because your big government must protect you from evil bloggers like myself who might post positive reviews in return for free stuff for the sole purpose of deceiving you, the voter, who politicians consider too stupid to think for yourself (think of that, next elections): The publisher sent me this book for free so I could review it, which is standard business practice in the industry (and quite frankly none of the government’s business 🙂 ).


I’m feeling a bit slow and sluggish this morning. Why? Charter Internet is rolling out :::drumroll::: Ultra60Mbps service.

I don’t know about you, but that is FAST. In fact it’s the fastest in the St. Louis market (where the initial rollout is) and it’s one of the fastest nationwide. It’ll be rolled out across the country (in Charter service areas) with other high-speed products over the course of the year.

Given the rise in social networking and multimedia – LIGHTS CAMERA SOUND ACTION VIDEO AUDIO GAMES TELECOMMUTING DOWNLOADS UPLOADS ANIMATION TV and all kinds of things – having high-speed internet is essential. Kayti’s complained ever since coming home that our connection is too slow for her – we might have to upgrade it! If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll love Phatband’s ability to download patches – it virtually eliminates lag in your games.

Get this – roll this around in your mind for a minute – this is what Charter says about the service: “Charter’s PhatBand has turned DSL into the new dial-up Internet service.” Did you ever think you’d see the day?

Be sure to check out the Ultra60 Information Page so you can see when it’s coming to your area (or, if you’re in St. Louis, to see how to sign up!) – I’m drooling and wishing I could get it when we move!

You should also sign up for Charter’s Twitter Feed as they’ve always got something cool to say.



Did you know that you can buy Honda Radiators and other radiators for your car online? It’s easy with If your car needs a new radiator, the cheapest way to get out is to buy the part online and install it yourself. Second cheapest is to have someone install it for you.

In fact, if you do it yourself and upload the video to Youtube (have fun!) you can win prizes from

Some radiators have 1-year warrantees and others have lifetime warrantees – be sure to check which you are getting. If you have questions, be sure to check out the chat feature on the site.

Isaiah 1

I read Isaiah chapter 1 the other day and pondered its implications for our country. It seems fairly obvious to me that ????????? ????? wants to instill a culture of death and destruction in this country. But God has a lot to say about hands that shed innocent blood.

Did you know that we’re commanded to defend the fatherless? A common pro-murder argument is that “Babies shouldn’t have to grow up without a father in their lives” or “The father won’t help me.”

God says we’re supposed to defend the fatherless – not murder them!

I’ve been accused of getting a bit emotional about the abortion issue. Have you ever seen an abortion performed? I don’t know about you, but seeing little children being poisoned and hacked to pieces makes me ANGRY.