What people are reading

I was doing some routine maintenance on my assorted sites the other day. On a whim, I pulled the stats for this blog… and was amazed.

The first thing I noticed is that it’s getting a lot more human traffic than I’d realized.

Curious, I pulled the list of search terms that have led people to this site. The list was pretty impressive, and included things one might expect (Jesus, healing, revival) and a few things you just have to wonder about (“Why am I craving oatmeal?”).

I consolidated the list, and here it is:

KINGDOM THEOLOGY and REVIVAL: Kingdom now theology… dominionism… manifest sons of God … occupy until I come… the power of words… momentum in the Kingdom… five-fold ministry… spiritual gifts (especially prophecy) … I AM… Bible… historical revivals… revivalists… laid down lovers… alignment, covering, covenant …

HEALING: Jesus healed (or will heal) me of various diseases… healing is in the atonement… why are some people not healed …
how to pray for healing and deliverance … different healing ministries … the ministry of sozo…

ESCHATOLOGY: is there a falling away? Is there a rapture? What about end-time revival? And so on…

BETHEL: Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton, their theology, the books they’ve written, and the people they associate with

WORSHIP:  song lyrics, dance and worship tools

HERESY: Lots of folks end up here looking for heresy-hunter information and end up with a good dose of Biblical truth. Quite a few are searching for evidence that kenosis is a heresy.

JAMAICA: Especially pictures.

POVERTY: Again, especially pictures.

JOHN BAPTIST: apparently John as a wild man is a common interest.

TODD BENTLEY: Todd gets his own line-item on the list; my articles about Lakeland, revival, and restoration are apparently incredibly popular even a couple years later.

This helps me – not just with the consolidation, but also with future articles. I’ve gotten several words lately that indicate that it’s time to write… 🙂


front view of new house
View of house from front right corner of lot

Well, if all goes well, we will be closing on our house in High Point on Wednesday.

It’s a lovely older (1948) home, two stories, four bedrooms (or, well, two bedrooms, an office/den, and a man-cave for Ken), formal living and dining rooms that will be 100% pet-free so our friends who have allergies can FINALLY come and visit.

Steve painting the deck
Steve finishing the deck

Plus it sits on a lot surrounded by woods on two sides… has a huge deck out back… it’s perfect. We’ll be throwing lots of parties! Ken is talking about buying or making a big smoker – he’s got a the hungries for a pig-pickin’…

The best part is that it’s just four minutes from home to church, and a whole lot closer to Ken’s work!!

We’ve met several of the neighbors and they’re great! We deliberately chose a racially/ethnically/religiously diverse neighborhood. Not only that, but there’s a fire station and a stripper’s club down the street a ways… LOTS of ministry opportunities!


living room
View of the living room

And so, if all goes really well, I’m going to be holding a painting marathon over there this week. Why? Because nearly the whole house, inside and out, is painted two-tone ugly brown. A few people have called it “pink” but really, it’s sort of a peachy-tan color in the sunlight. An ugly peachy-tan color. Inside and out. Even the kitchen ceiling. Ugh.

I’m going to concentrate on the downstairs first – painting the kitchen and bathroom ceilings (the others will “do”, for now), then the cabinets, walls, and trim. Unfortunately the walls are textured and there’s just not a whole whole lot that we can do about that presently.

View of Living & Dining rooms

My initial plan is to do the trim, wainstcoting, and cupboards white, do the dining room, kitchen, and hallway in a very pale sunshiney yellow, and do the living room in a very pale blue.

The den is staying the dark maroon color it currently has; Ken really likes it. I’m still unsure about the bathroom and master bedroom. Currently the bathroom has bright red tiles on two of the walls, which I think is hideous. I was reading the other day that they can be refinished as a DIY weekend project, and so that is likely what I’ll do… then do the bedroom and bathroom in a soft color.

I’m not sure when we’ll paint the outside; Ken wants to get vinyl siding, but that’s WAY expensive right now. I might paint it white in the meantime. 🙂

View of back yard from deck

We also have to do some work to the kitchen and bathroom floors, repair the AC, add some steps to the garage, and re-do the concrete driveway. Busy busy! THEN we have to actually move in!! I’m thinking we should do it sooner, rather than later, too (the longer we delay, the hotter it gets outside)

But I can’t wait for the parties to begin! I’ll be posting lots of before/after pics as I go; stay tuned! If you’d like to see all of the pictures I have “to date”, check here: FACEBOOK PHOTO ALBUM


South Beach Diet

I don’t blog so much any more – have been pretty busy lately. But I’ve stopped writing in another place and will likely pick back up again here.

Ken and I officially started the South Beach Diet yesterday. He’d gone to the doctor who really got on him about his weight… and I could stand to lose <ahem> a few pounds (fluffier than a featherbed)… I’ve put back a few of the pounds I’d lost previously… so here we go!

Day one was HARD. I usually like my coffee to be very sweet. No milk, just a few sugars. Well during the first two weeks, you’re allowed no sugar (and not much of anything else: vegetables, eggs, cheese, fish, and chicken). After that, you’re still allowed no sugar but you can add in some other carbs. Suggestion: sugar substitute. Problem: I hate all of the ones I’ve tried. Nutrasweet, saccharin, Splenda, Stevia … Ugh. So my morning coffee is sugarless… I was in a real funk over it, too. Then I started chopping vegetables and putting up snacks and lunches for the week, and I tasted a cucumber. For years I’ve thought that cukes had very little taste. Well this one exploded in my mouth with flavor – perhaps because I had been masking my taste buds with sugar all this time?

So today is day 2. I swapped Day 1 and Day 2 in the meal plan because I hadn’t had time to pre-cook anything. This morning we had the Vegetable Quiche Cups and they are DELICIOUS! I think we’d eat them even if we weren’t dieting.

The initial goal, according to the book, is to lose a fast few pounds in the first two weeks (Stage 1), and then over the course of a few months, continue to drop bit by bit. Ken’s goal is to lose 30lbs by the time he goes back to the doctor in June. Mine is to lose at least 20 by that time. Our ultimate goal? He’s losing around 125… I’m losing around 50 or 60.

The challenge will come as we’re moving (patience, patience) … how can you move without pizza?

Geeking Greek

It used to be that I could just copy and paste greek fonts and transliterations into WordPress. Then… somehow… that changed. I don’t know what happened.

So this afternoon I geeked the Greek, hacked a hack, the Greek and the translit now displays, but I blew up all the styling of my blog in the process. So… it was time for a makeover anyway, wasn’t it?