Sociopathic Leadership

When you’re dealing with a sociopath who is a leader, a few things happen, usually in this order.

First, they show up on the scene and they’re charming and commanding. Most people are convinced that they will bring necessary change. A few will enter into more of a worship-like state. Those who see the truth are condemned by the sociopath’s supporters.

Second, the changes begin coming and most everyone thinks the changes are AMAZING. Stories are created of how awesome the sociopath is, and all his great exploits. More will move toward adoration. The condemnation of the opposition grows and the situation becomes more polarized.

Third, there will be a groundswell of sweeping changes … Many changes will be unpopular in the people-group the sociopathic leader serves, in part because the program’s implemented were just as “grand” as the sociopath himself, but are lacking in substance and sustenance. But because the ground has been laid, many will feel obligated to support … It only makes sense to. More people will oppose … But many of them will do so from a point of silence (which equals acceptance), saying “I was forced to” and “I had no choice”.

Fourth, the sociopath will attempt to make himself THE leader, whether in reality or just in the eyes of the people. He/she will attempt to depose the current system of leadership and replace it with something as grand as himself. People of the inner circle who question these tactics will be removed, one way or another. During this phase things become very polarized, you’re either in or you’re out. Gaslighting is an extremely common tactic employed in this phase. Some of the opposition becomes extremely vocal and outraged, but they are usually dismissed as being whack jobs or as over-reacting. Often the opposition ends up fighting within itself, rather than accomplishing anything grand.

Fifth, one of two things happen … Either the sociopath is removed from his place of influence, or the take-over becomes complete. We’ve seen this pattern over and over and over again – read any history book. There are those who set themselves up as kings … And those who deal with those who set themselves up as kings.
Gender-neutral bathrooms, anyone? Taxpayer-paid anatomy changes and abortions?

Diversion Tactics

This is one of the best articles I’ve seen on the subject, because for each of the narcissist’s tactics, there is an action step to stand up for yourself and bring the abuse to a stop. The article also helps the reader to understand that these people are in every segment of society, and that just because someone looks shiny, they’re not always gold.

20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths Use to Silence You


Recovering from abuse at the hands of a narcissistic sociopath isn’t easy, but in Jesus, it can be done. You can recover the fullness of who you are, you can recover your heart and passion, you can once again stand tall, you can regain your power and not live in fear of it any longer.¬†Arise!

Writing on Painful Topics

I’m about to begin writing encouragement for people who have been abused in a relationship with a narcissistic sociopath. I’ve said several things on Facebook about the subject and there seems to be a real need to bring this problem out into the light.

I’ve spent a long time considering whether it was appropriate to ever say anything in public about it, and have really come to the conclusion that silence allows these crimes to be perpetrated again and again. Speaking out breaks patters. That doesn’t mean I’m going to air all of that dirty laundry in public … in fact, when I write about my own situation, I’ll be writing VERY generically.

Why, you might ask? Why not expose it all?

The answer is simple – love covers a multitude of sins. That doesn’t mean that those sins are hidden – it means that we cover them with the blood of Jesus, and that brings opportunity for those sins to be exposed to the Light and for people to be healed. Love does not expose all things to the court of public opinion.

So, if you’re ready … follow along with me … if you’ve been reading on Facebook already, the first few posts will seem familiar to you.