Writing on Painful Topics

I’m about to begin writing encouragement for people who have been abused in a relationship with a narcissistic sociopath. I’ve said several things on Facebook about the subject and there seems to be a real need to bring this problem out into the light.

I’ve spent a long time considering whether it was appropriate to ever say anything in public about it, and have really come to the conclusion that silence allows these crimes to be perpetrated again and again. Speaking out breaks patters. That doesn’t mean I’m going to air all of that dirty laundry in public … in fact, when I write about my own situation, I’ll be writing VERY generically.

Why, you might ask? Why not expose it all?

The answer is simple – love covers a multitude of sins. That doesn’t mean that those sins are hidden – it means that we cover them with the blood of Jesus, and that brings opportunity for those sins to be exposed to the Light and for people to be healed. Love does not expose all things to the court of public opinion.

So, if you’re ready … follow along with me … if you’ve been reading on Facebook already, the first few posts will seem familiar to you.