Glenn Beck – conservative Christian champion? No.

I posted this on facebook, and my friend Abner Suarez came along and said I should blog it, too – so here goes:

I love Glenn Beck. He’s a great guy, I agree with him on many political issues, he’s a media master and quite brilliant. I’m glad that somebody is standing up and doing the things that he’s doing, and I support him in that. Would have gone to the restoring honor rally on Sat if I could have gotten there…

But I see a growing danger as he calls for “God and country” – media and evangelicals are painting him as a “Christian conservative.” Conservative, yes. A good, moral man – undoubtedly. But here’s the rub: he’s not a Christian. He is a Mormon. While the differences are small on the surface, scratch that surface and you’ll realize that Mormons are most assuredly NOT Christians.

Beck can be a champion of the conservative moment – and even of those of us who are Christian and conservative. But he cannot be champion of a conservative Christian movement, unless he surrenders his heart to Christ.

5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck – conservative Christian champion? No.”

  1. Sure Mormons are Christians; why, the official name of their church is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. See, "Jesus Christ" right on the label.

  2. Kay, the difference between Mormonism and Christianity is by no means small. Christians love God and people. Mormons love polygamy. Christians want to please God for eternity. Mormons want to become gods and populate their planets by polygamy. Mormons also believe our God was once human, that Adam and Eve are from another planet, that Jesus ans Satan are brothers. In other words, they believe the Bible is a lie. So when you say you loved Glenn Beck, know that you are loving a person whose main objective is to become a god and deception is normal for Mormons.

  3. Victor, I thought about deleting your post because it’s erroneous and precisely what I am trying to avoid here – but I’m going to use it as an example.

    To say that the LDS Church loves polygamy would be false. Yes, the church once taught it. They did so for (according to LDS sources) about fifty years. They no longer teach it and do not allow it among their members. Are there still members who practice it (or wish they could?) yes.

    (Note to those who say, “But I’ve heard about it on the news” … no. You haven’t. Those who have ended up in criminal trouble (and therefore the news) in recent years have been members of splinter groups who are not a part of, sanctioned by, or friends with, the main LDS church.)

    Even with that said, polygamy is a side issue. It distracts from the Big Questions. Who is God, Who is Jesus, who is man – what is the meaning of life and what are we doing here?

  4. And I should also mention that Mormons love *their* God and people and I believe that love to be genuine.

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