Yes, there IS such a thing as the “hyper-grace” movement (lousy term, in my opinion) – and yes, it’s dangerous and should be avoided (don’t get it confused with the REAL grace of God and those people who embrace and promote it). For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, there are a few in the Body who believe that grace negates a need for self-control and holiness, that we can sin flagrantly and rejoice in our sin because we are forgiven, and in fact we should pursue more sin because then we get more grace. Like I said – a few. I’ve met one or two who believe that way, but it’s growing.

There is also an equal but opposite error that I’ll call the hyper-wrath movement. It is perhaps even more dangerous than “hyper-grace”. These folks preach the impending doom of most of the world (except for them and their few friends) any minute due to the well-deserved wrath of God. Fireballs from heaven, earthquakes, famines, floods, boils, diseases, tornades – all because God is REALLY REALLY TICKED AT US. Their message – “Be afraid, be VERY afraid of our angry, revengeful God.”

How do they reconcile that with the simplicity of the Gospel? With even the simplest of scriptures, like John 3:16-17 and “on earth peace, good will to men”?

Friends, we must stop living in the wrong sort of fear. Yes, there IS the fear of the Lord and it’s real, it’s right, and it’s wonderful. If you’ve never experienced it, I suggest that you ask Father for that experience. It’s delightful. The fear of the Lord is empowering; it doesn’t leave you cowering like a kid who just got smacked in the head a couple of times. The fear of the Lord is clean; it doesn’t leave you ashamed. The fear of the Lord leaves you in wonder, not wondering “what next”.

The hyper-wrath movement never talks about that kind of fear – they earnestly believe (and would convince you) that you should “fear the Lord” – and by that, they mean be disempowered, discouraged, ashamed, and following the rules and toeing the line so that you don’t get smacked again by that angry guy up in the sky.

This is the highest form of nonsense! Both hyper-grace and hyper-wrath assign to God attributes He does not have. Both malign His character. Both take the eyes completely off from Jesus; hyper-grace says “lookie at what I can do” and hyper-wrath says “look at all the bad things I’ve done”.

How about looking at Jesus and what He did and what He does in us today? How about seeking first His Kingdom & His righteousness, and then advancing that Kingdom through the earth? How about living in the fullness of the Godhead dwelling in us bodily? It’s time for the Body to step boldly into His plan and quit being sidetracked by nonsense.


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