Like the Light


Stranger Things is one of our FAVOURITE shows. It’s some of the best scifi out there.

But this isn’t a post about Stranger Things. This is a post about the light bulb with the person trapped inside it. As soon as I saw the image, I had light bulbs flashing in my mind because it’s a perfect analogy for how sociopathic relationships work.

A relationship with a narcissist/sociopath/Jezebel is like that … They draw you in, making you believe that they’re offering you the source of true light.

Some point directly to themselves in cult fashion, but most don’t do that. They point through themselves to God or another source of inspiration. They’re not REALLY pointing to anyone but themselves, they’re playing a game. ┬áBut regardless of who they point to, and how, ┬áthe end result is the same – you’re trapped inside a lightbulb, never seeing the true light, but it usually takes a long time to see it for what it is.

If you happen to bump up against the glass of the light bulb, as our guy in the graphic has done, the abuser will convince you that it’s because you’ve wandered from the source of the light – get back into the center where it’s safe.

In many sociopathic relationships, the abuser will eventually discard the abused like yesterday’s garbage – to continue our light bulb analogy, they’ll cut off the power. Most people would do anything – literally anything – to get the electricity turned back on. Often people go through multiple cycles of abuse this way, and the sociopath gloats and gets fat. (This is why I say that a poverty spirit attracts sociopaths).

Eventually, having wrung everything out of you, the sociopath will leave you in the dark – trapped in the bulb – begging for the light to come back on – and it doesn’t.

Don’t remain in the dark. Your abuser may have leeched so much out of you … Maybe you feel so weak and fragile, maybe he has promised you so many consequences, you’re afraid to break the bulb.

Dear one, you are stronger than you think … Stand up and hit that glass. Close your eyes, hold your breath, and hit it hard. Then open your eyes and step out into the true light – breathe fresh air – welcome to true life.

Look up – Jesus is there. Take Him by the hand. He is your Light. The lightbulb, the false light, is destroyed forever in your life. Sociopaths and satan have no more power over you.