Prayer for Healing

Have you been abused by a sociopath, narcissist, or Jezebel?

You may have come here hurt, wounded, angry, beaten down, dispassionate, discouraged, so far down you’re wondering if you’ll ever get your life back… Well, I’m here to tell you – there’s one way to get your life back. His name is Jesus.

If you’ve never put your faith and trust in Him, now is the time. He will give you a brand new life. That’s no exaggeration – He really does make you completely new! If you were already a Christian, and you were abused, there’s grand news for you, too – your life was hidden in Christ all along. He’s kept it reserved for you, and you can walk in that newness of life right now. (That’s Colossians 3:3,4 by the way).

This prayer is for anyone who is willing to come to Him and lay it down.

Set aside some sacred time and space – start up a diffuser with some essential oils. Grab a journal and a favorite pen. Get a drink. Use the restroom. Turn off the ringer on the phone. Ensure quiet, with no interruptions. If that can’t happen at home, then go somewhere. I’ve done lots of healing in the woods and on the beach. I know moms who literally can’t get away, who do this sort of prayer from the bathtub.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not one for “repeat after me” prayers (especially for salvation). However, even Jesus gave us a model prayer – so please, take this as a model. Read through it. Find Scriptures. Look up terms that are unfamiliar to you. Build on it. Modify it. Pray it out loud. Re-write it in your journal. Record yourself praying for it, and listen to it. Do this daily for seven days – then fourteen – then thirty. At each juncture there will be places healed and new places exposed for healing. Allow the Lord deep access to heal you.

Father, I have reached the end. I can do no more. I am ready to release the past and the baggage that came with it, and I am willing to step forward into Your presence and the fullness of the Kingdom. 

Holy Spirit, I give you complete charge over my spirit; I place my spirit in charge over my soul and body. I align myself with You and with the Kingdom. 

I confess that I allowed a relationship with a person to conflict with my relationship with You. Although it was never my intention to do so, this relationship became a sort of idolatry in my life. I was codependent with the one who abused me. Today, I break free from that cycle and into complete and total dependence on and relationship with You.

I repent. I am changing my mind from believing things that are false, and I place my trust in that which is Truth, Christ Jesus. I ask that You would transform my thought processes. I break the power of obsessive thoughts and patterns, and replace them with the mind of Christ. I break this false feeling of separation from you, and replace it with intimacy and passion. 

I lay down my broken emotions at Your feet, God, and I ask that in return, You would flood me with Your healing presence.  Help me, in every moment, to trust, to feel, and to release emotion according to the way You created me. 

Father, I sever all soul ties with (name of abuser).  I forgive and release them to You, to deal with as You wish. I let go of hopes of earthly restoration or retribution. I let go of the relationship, completely and totally. It’s Yours to do with as You please. I release back to them everything that belongs to them, and I take back everything that belongs to me. (Name things that you’ve retained or need to take back – status, power, passion, joy – for me, it was specifically being “happy”.) My soul is whole. If you are in a situation where zero contact is impossible, add this: Father, I step fully into the protection of Christ Jesus as I interact with (name). Please help me to interact with them in a way that is godly and safe. If they are unable to interact on that level, then I leave my protection in Your hands. 

Father, I also sever all soul ties with people who have supported the abuser. (Name individuals, if necessary) I forgive and release them, knowing that they were just as taken in by him as I was, and for many of them, still are taken in. I release back to them anything that belongs to them, and I take back that which belongs to me. I ask that You would speak to them that which they need to know from You regarding this situation. Since I am in ongoing relationship with them, I ask that you would help me to re-forge those relationships that You would have me in, and do so in a way that is godly and good. 

Lord, help me to sort out what is real and not real, what are lies and what is truth, what is right and not right, what is true and what is not true. Send Holy Spirit as a whirlwind to sweep all of the chaff remaining from this relationship out of my life. 

I peel off all of the layers of untruth and false identity. Help me to remember my authentic Self, the way You created me to be when you knitted me together in my mother’s womb, the way You planned for me to be from the very start. Help me to make that level of authenticity my moment-by-moment reality. 

Today, I reclaim my mojo. I reclaim my power and passion. I reclaim my purpose. I reclaim my calling and destiny. I reclaim my intimacy with You. I am Your son. I am Your co-heir. I am seated in heavenly places in You. I am the person You’ve created me to be. I am alive. I am made new. 

I love You Father! I love You Jesus! I love You Holy Spirit! Amen. 


Did you pray this prayer today? I’d love to know, so that I can agree with you as you begin this journey. Was there something that you feel was left out? This model is updated continually.