Is a sociopath so very evil that he or she cannot be saved?

Modern psychology teaches that there is no hope for them. I cannot believe that is true. I have come to believe that this is not a disease; it’s a series of choices that have led to a series of demons.

I know God. God is love. God loves everyone, and sociopaths are a part of “everyone”. They can choose differently, and just like anyone else’s freedom – it begins with that single step toward God.

They are not stuck there. They are not helpless. They are not “fine” after sitting down for a while after having been busted. They are not incapable of change. They are not sub-human, soul-less monsters.  Those lies come from the same pit as the lies the sociopath has been telling, and from the same pit as the lies we tell ourselves about the abuse we suffered.

The truth is that Jesus saves. The gospel is as valid for a sociopath as it is, was, and forever will be for you and me.