This is disgusting.

FoxNews is reporting that a “fundamentalist church” will be protesting the funeral of the pregnant Ft. Bragg soldier who was recently murdered. They’re speaking, of course, of the Westboro “Baptist Church” (who are neither baptist, nor God’s church)… the folks who protest military funerals saying that God is exacting punishment on America for tolerating gays and lesbians.

I’m disgusted, first and foremost, by the actions of this hate group.

I’m disgusted, secondly, by the fact that the heresy hunters will attack a move of God and leave these heretics alone. What if the church truly dealt with them? Hmmm?

I’m disgusted, lastly, that FoxNews and others continue to use the term “fundamentalist” to describe these folks. They’re no more fundamentalists than they are turnips.

I fear for these people… they need Jesus.

Nudie pics of kids being traded by cell phone

It’s all over the news… a 12 year old girl sent a nekkid picture of another child to someone else via cell phone. She’s been charged with a crime for doing so.

The talking head on Fox News just said that quite frankly, this isn’t new… kids have been taking off their clothes during puberty for a long time. The “new” thing is the camera.

I agree with him to an extent… and I also think the girl needs to be punished, but not necessarily by the authorities.

That said, what’s being missed here is this: How many kids will get taken in by adult pedophiles who don’t actually molest them in any way, but who get them to take and trade these photos of their friends?

I’m outraged

We’ve worked very hard to rebuild our credit, which was pretty much destroyed when I got too sick to work and Ken was laid off unexpectedly from the job he’d had for 11+ years. We’ve gotten to the point where all we’ve got left is a few old hospital bills. We’ve been working on those.

Imagine my surprise when I applied for a student loan for Kayti and was denied based on my bad credit!

Apparently in order to qualify for a loan of ANY type, borrowers and cosigners have to have PERFECT credit. PERFECT.

Now, I can see not giving a loan to somebody who’s defaulted on everything they’ve ever borrowed and have zillions of dollars in bad debts. That only makes good horse sense.

But most of working class America… particularly people who were/are hard hit by employers shipping jobs overseas… have a few wrinkles on their credit reports. That should not be a bar to getting a student loan.

Please write to your elected officials and tell them they need to change the laws regarding student loans to support working class families!!

What if Media reported that gas prices would drop?

The talking heads on my TV set are nattering on about oil at $200 a barrel and $5.25 a gallon for gas…

of course this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They speak it so the oil co’s feel they can do it.

What if Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS & BBC all ganged up and reported the cost of oil falling dramatically… gas will be $2 a gal by Memorial Day?

What if?

Betcha prices would fall the next day…