Does anyone read e-books?

Apparently a lot of people do read e-books these days. Save a tree, and all of that. I used to only notice e-books as slick advertising gimmicks – “Buy this e-book and learn the secret to eternal youth” or “This e-book spells out how YOU can make millions of dollars in the next fifteen minutes!”

E-books have taken on a new respectability, with the advent of Kindle from Amazon and You can read anything from romance novels to sci-fi to business books like Dennis C. Carey’s “How to Run a Company”. eReader even offers reviews – see Dennis C Carey reviews at eReader.

Here’s an example from the “How to Run a Company” review:

How to Run a Company is not just for CEOs, but anyone interested in the critical make-or-break factors in today’s ever-challenging business environment.

I’m assuming that if you were so inclined, you could not only download these books to your computer, but to your <s>cr</s>blackberry or other smartphone.

Prices vary, but e-books generally cost a bit less than print books. I think the price will continue to come down as they gain in popularity, too.

I hope that America IS racist!

Just made note of a headline on Reality Check – Newsweek reporter says that if Obama doesn’t win it proves America is racist”

I sincerely hope that America IS racist.

I’m not talking about skin color – though I should note that if anyone votes for Obama because he is black, or McCain because he is white, then they are racists. I would happily vote for an orange candidate with purple polka-dots, and hope everyone else would too.

Why do I say that I hope America is racist, then?

We must elect a candidate who cares about the human race…. who cares about life. (this really should be the most basic of qualifications for someone who wants to lead other human beings…)

Obama’s policies and proposals call for the wholesale slaughter of babies in the womb, infanticide of those few who survive abortion, euthanasia, pandering to terrorists, and the degradation of our culture.

McCain’s policies and proposals call for the protection of babies, children, disabled people, and the elderly, for dealing with terrorists expeditiously, and for the preservation of culture.

So – which candidate do you think America should elect? Will Americans be racist and care about the human race – or have we become the animals that the evolutionists claim we are?

Obama-Biden 2008

Barack Obama just announced that Joe Biden will be his running mate.

My first thought: Lovely. Two genocidal maniacs wanting to run the world.

Then I pondered my use of the term “genocide” which I thought wasn’t quite extreme enough to cover the issue of abortion. Google introduced me to a new term: democide. I thought it was appropriate.

Fifty million abortions and counting… I’d say that was some sort of -cide, wouldn’t you?

For all of you Americans who would consider voting for Obama because he’s promising a better economy, know that even if he were to manage to put more money in your pockets, it’s blood money.

Fashion sense for ladies

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of personal expression. Go ahead – get a tattoo, dye your mohawk bright blue, wear ripped jeans, wear dresses only, wear a top hat and tails. But really, please, have some sense with your fashions.

Here’s some fashion sense for ladies (teens and adults) who insist on appearing in public. (no one cares how you dress in the privacy of your own home). I’ll throw in a few tips for men at the end.

#1 – Your boyfriend’s shirt is not a “dress” – particularly when it doesn’t quite cover your backside.

#2 – Please, for goodness sake, wear a bra. Especially if you’re amply endowed.

#3 – Shirts should cover those parts of the body you’d be arrested for exposing, as well as the parts immediately adjacent to those other parts. If your shirt is cut down to the belly button, either wear another shirt under it, or wear it at home.

#4 – Shirts should NOT have a graphic depiction of those parts of the body you’d be arrested for exposing.

#5 – Didn’t your momma teach you to wear underwear – especially when you’re wearing a mini-skirt?

#6 – Shorts should cover your backside. So should pants. So should skirts. (And ladies, when you wear a skirt, please sit appropriately. If it’s so short when you’re sitting that someone can see up it – it’s too short!

#7 – Clothes should not be so tight that they cut off circulation – whether it’s yours, or that of the people around you.

#8 – Pajamas, especially “sexy” pajamas, are for the bedroom – not for street wear. And if you’re 14, you have no business wearing them.

#9 – Teenage girls, unless you’ve got a serious problem with acne or scarring or somesuch, you really don’t need to wear foundation so thick that it cracks (and if you do have problems you need to cover up, may I recommend a combination of durablend and Bare Minerals, rather than a daily bottle of goo)

#10 – We really, really, really don’t need to see your belly button ring. Really!! Belly shirts are out.

And for the men –

#1 – pull up your pants.

#2 – pull up your pants.

#3 – wear appropriately-sized clothing. A size small pair of spandex shorts on a 250-lb man just makes said man look silly. And I don’t believe for a minute that you intended that to be a belly shirt, did you?

#4 – Personally, I don’t think it’s stylin’ to wear a striped shirt, plaid shorts, black knee socks, and white tennis shoes. But at least you’re covered up.

And to both genders – if you need to appear in court, dress appropriately. Most judges (at least in our area) don’t seem to mind if you wear jeans and tennis shoes, but cover your body, wear clean clothes that don’t smell and aren’t torn, and if you’ve got a big tattoo of a pot leaf on your upper arm, dispense with the muscle shirt, ok? If you don’t have appropriate clothing, five bucks at the Salvation Army will net you something decent.

I’m not sure why the attire I saw on my recent visit to a courtoom (with a friend who had to appear) disturbed me so much – I’m not a lawyer or judge or official or anything. But it did.

I’ll probably add more later.

Got any fashion rules to share??