Ten Random Thoughts

I’m laying here in bed because the vertigo is so bad that I wound up on the floor (I had this compulsion to wash the dishes. It passed. Quickly.)

So. Ten Random Thoughts.

#1 – How did I live before I got a laptop computer? Why do they even still make desktops?

#2 – I have perhaps the laziest dogs in the world.

#3 – Daytime television is really awful.

#4 – Read the Rhino Times this morning. Wish they had home delivery. I’d subscribe!

#5 – Saw an ad in the Rhino for a new restaurant – Monesi. It’s described as an “all you can eat Brazillian buffet.” The prices are very reasonable – $8.95 lunch, $12.95 dinner. It’s a bit more than we usually pay when we eat out, but it’ll be a fabulous date one day soon!

#6 – I think tonight’s dinner will be take-out chinese or pizza delivery, unless I can get myself back up again. 🙁

#7 – I decided the other day that I’d like to learn how to crochet. No idea how to begin, other than I need to buy some yarn.

#8 – just got off the phone with the DA from Maryland who’ll be handling the car wreck case. Super nice guy. He asked me to send him some details, so I’m composing a long email. Kayti will have to go and testify but he thinks the case can be postponed to Thanksgiving break so she won’t miss school.

#9 – Sitting in bed makes you achy and cramped after a while!

#10 – In spite of feeling like mud, I also realize how utterly blessed we are. Kayti walked away from a terrible car wreck. That fact is still sinking in, over a month later (I still get weepy when I see the car pictures) We have a home, Ken has a good job, I have a gorgeous new niece, Ken and Jesus love me… life is good.


  1. Amusing post 🙂 I will check out Rhino Times. I’ve never heard of it.

    Crocheting is very therapeutic. Is it possible to give crochet lessons over Twitter? I actually learned most of what I know from pictures in a library book. My grandmother helped my fine tune a bit.

    I never could get the hang of knitting. Everything I made looked very deformed.

    Still praying for your speedy recovery and an extended period of wellness!

  2. Jules

    Commiserations, Kathi – I’ve been fighting a stomach bug or something since Wednesday (came home from work because I couldn’t stay upright), and the only thing that’s gone down and stayed in over the past 4 days is a banana and a piece of toast. Tomorrow I may live it up a little and eat some plain boiled rice.

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