The Stages of Healing

Healing is a progression:

Step 1: It sucks.
Step 2: It sucked.
Step 3: It sucked, but I’m ok.
Step 4: Life is grand!
Step 5: Let me help others who are at step 1 in this journey.

I think it’s fairly common to cycle through these steps, even irregularly … You might be at a level 1, take a vacation, and escalate to a 4 – then come back down to a 1 or 2. Or you might have days where you go between 3, 4, 5 all day long. Or you might be at a steady 4-5 and suddenly go back to step 1 because of a confrontation with the abuser or the abuser’s supporters (yep, been there).

Don’t get the guilties over it, my friends. Make the decision daily to come up higher, to go deeper in Jesus, from wherever you happen to be. Over time, healing will hold steady.