Thirteen Reasons Why I Love Hallowe’en

Historically, Christians have hated Hallowe’en. We’ve demonized people who celebrate it. We’ve created “family friendly Hallowe’en alternatives” or we’ve simply shut off the outside lights, drawn the curtains, and huddled together waiting for the evil night to be over with for another year.

I call “nonsense” on all of that. There are many reasons why Christians should love and celebrate Hallowe’en. Here are some of them (feel free to add more in the comments):

#1 – The world beats a path to our doorstep – which is the perfect position from which we can invite them to come IN.

#2 – People are wanting to get, get, get – we’ve got the opportunity to give, give, give.

#3 – People are dressing up in disguises and trying to be someone else – we can show them what it looks like to live unmasked, just as God created mankind to be.

#4 – It’s marketed as a day of darkness – and we are children of light with a commission to destroy darkness. To destroy darkness, we must encounter darkness.

#5 -It’s marketed as “the devil’s day” – but this is the day the Lord has made. We rejoice and are glad in it!

#6 – Everyone is celebrating the supernatural – we can demonstrate the really, really supernatural to them!

#7 – People just want to be happy – we can introduce them to joy.

#8 – There’s a belief that the veil between the worlds is thin on this day – we can share the good news that the veil is torn forever!

#9 – People believe in ghosts – we can introduce them to the ghost who is Holy.

#10 – The holiday pays homage to the dead – we can introduce them to One who was dead, and is now alive…and we have been given the power to RAISE the dead.

#11 – It’s all about the occult and mysteries – what a great time to introduce them to the Kingdom of God!

#12 – The Bible soundly condemns having fellowship with devils – what a great time to cast devils out of people!

#13 – There are some who worship pagan gods or even satan on this night – let’s invite Jesus to go to those rituals! What will they do when they have a corporate vision of the risen Lord?


IMAGE CREDIT: By Belinda Hankins Miller (originally posted to Flickr as first house) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


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