Well, I tried.

And after I posted some rather raw feelings about it here, a good friend reminded me that hanging it all here is probably not the best thing to do.

A big part of me wants to seek resolution, I want for us to MAKE things right. But I can’t make that happen. I can only control myself, and then only through Christ. Another part of me wants to air every last dirty bit of it -everything I did, everything the rest of the team did, everything she did, for public viewing. Let the world judge. I’m so tired of the gossip wheel turning, of being discussed in hushed tones, of assumptions made. Yet I’m reminded at every turn that Jesus went quietly, not answering His accusers. Nehemiah simply said that God would fight for them. It’s God who judges. And so – I’ve taken down what I said yesterday, and will leave be.

God owns my reputation. I know that my conscience is clear.