Why I write – and why I won’t stop

I started making occasional Facebook posts about healing from sociopathic abuse, and suddenly dozens of people – mostly women, a few men – said “me, too. I suffered this too. I lived through this. I can’t seem to break free, even though it was years past. Can you help, can you advise, what does your process look like?”

And so I thought – let’s expand the format and make it part of Iamhealed.net, where I’ve told miracle testimonies and done blogging in the past. You can sort through about a million old blog posts and get to know me some. You’ll also see a gap of a few years where I didn’t blog much – and that, in retrospect, was due to agreeing with the sociopath about some key things, and withdrawing even further.

Since I started writing, God has opened so much up to me. (I highly recommend you do the same – not necessarily in a public blog, though. Buy yourself a nice journal, or get yourself a OneNote or Evernote account)

I don’t care to expose the whole stinking mess unless God tells me specifically to do that (and I’d be surprised if He did), and I try to be careful to remove details.

This is why I write very generically. I must be doing a decent job of it, because a friend I was speaking to yesterday had read many of my posts and didn’t realize that the abuse was not in our distant past, but happened more recently.

I write because now Ken and I are at a place to help people. Our experiences and my healing process are very typical for this type of abuse. Our walk and process with God in healing stand as a testimony to the whole world – this IS survivable, you CAN get your life back, you CAN go on to greatness despite what happened.

Remember that song, “I sing because I’m happy?” — well, I’m writing because I’m happy. Happiness is something that was systematically removed from our lives – and we have reclaimed it – and we’re committed to sharing it now.