Wishful Thinking

I really wish that someone around Greensboro offered a grocery-delivery service – I’ve heard that Krogers, Stop&Shop, and Albertson’s all do this… you call them with the items you want, they shop for you and bring it to your home for a small fee (some stores even waive the fee for eldery/disabled customers… VERY nice!).

But this part of the world is SADLY lacking Krogers, Stop&Shope, and Albertson’s!

My friend (I miss her!) Frances has told me of the many wonderments of Albertson’s … wish they would come here. Some of the sales they have, especially on meat… WOWOWOW.

Ideally there would be online ordering… you could pick everything out right on the internet.

Ooooh! :::flash of brilliance::: a lot of these stores already have pharmacies in-store… so they could develop medication delivery as well.

It would be a win-win situation.

I did write to Bi-Lo this morning to suggest it. It’s probably just wishful thinking, though…