Yesterday was a perfect day.

We woke up yesterday, got it together, and took off to Morrow Mountain down in the Uwharries (pronounced you-war-ries, sort of, but with a Southern drawl). We’d never been there before.

The Uwharries aren’t really mountains in the mountainous sense… they’re just big, big hills… with multitudes of rivers and lakes and streams all around. Morrow Mountain is surrounded by 3 rivers coming together and a big lake formed by two hydro dams. It’s beautiful.

We got some great pics, then we hiked a little, then spent the rest of the afternoon in the swimming pool. Got a GREAT tan. Stopped on the way home at Cripple Creek, by Lake Tillery, and ate a wonderful dinner and befriended the general manager of the place. If you have opportunity to eat there, DO IT, and tell Carol we said hello!

Then we came home and went CRASH! for a wonderful night’s sleep. I’ll write up a fuller account of it later… and post my pics!