Your thoughts on the Olympics?

I’m curious as to what everyone thinks of the Olympics this year… we haven’t been watching, but have followed a few of the results from the US (Go Phelps!) and Jamaica (Usain Bolt rocks!).

Why haven’t we been watching? Well, first of all, neither of us really are fans of sports – especially on television. We’d go to a race or a football or hockey game, but really have never done it unless we’ve scored free tickets. It’s just not a priority for us at all.

But secondly – the whole China thing bothers us. Especially now that we know some young ladies from Beijing.

China bothers us because of the religious persecution, because of the shoddy and often dangerous products they export to us, because of the communism.

Ken in particular just can’t get past it. Anyone else? What are your thoughts about it all?

4 thoughts on “Your thoughts on the Olympics?”

  1. My views are pretty much the same. I’m praying that God will use the Olympics for the spread of the Gospel in China but I won’t give the games TV space. I’m particularly not enjoying the idea of $10billion coming out of our London taxes for the 2012 Olympics – all to be squandered on a few sites for a few weeks. They’re already devastating the countryside in that area – we have precious few green spaces in London as it is.

  2. I haven’t been watching the Olympics. I’ve caught a couple of snippets here and there, but that’s it. Nothing personal about China, I just never liked to watch sports, and I lost interest in secular television since going to Lakeland.

  3. well since Lakeland not like it was, watch the Olympics, be proud of our young people or your young people or someones young people

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