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...and by His stripes we are healed. (Is. 53:5)

Welcome to IamHealed.net!

I’ve gotten interesting commentary already about the name of this site:

  • “What do you mean, “You are [tag]healed[/tag]?!?”
  • Are you SURE God healed you?
  • “That’s awfully audacious, isn’t it?
  • “Wow – cool!”

When I say, “[tag]I am healed[/tag]” I mean just that: I am healed – and in fact, I am healed in more ways than one. I am healed in the conventional way: I was [tag]sick[/tag] and [tag]the Lord healed me[/tag]. I am healed in the emotional sense: I once spent a good deal of my time fretting and worrying and now I have no need to because I have [tag]God’s peace[/tag]. Yet the best is that I am healed in the [tag]spiritual[/tag] and [tag]eternal[/tag] sense: [tag]Jesus Christ[/tag] set me free from the bondage of sin and death and now I am truly alive to [tag]worship[/tag] Him forever. Hallelujah! Want to know more? I’ve written about it in [tag]Dancing[/tag] for Jesus.

My husband Ken and I live in Level Cross, North Carolina. We’ve got three grown children and an assortment of fur and fin babies. We are revivalists and covenant partners at New Day the Church at High Point and plan to do lots of missions work in Jamaica in the future (perhaps even go full-time someday!).

I love to share Jesus with people, bake bread, cook all sorts of ethnic food (Jamaican, Russian, Middle Eastern, etc), play the dandelion game with my dogs, and worship. My two favorite places on earth to visit are Cape Lookout, NC and anywhere, Jamaica.

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