image_Recovery from Abuse

Prayer for Healing

Have you been abused by a sociopath, narcissist, or Jezebel? You may have come here hurt, wounded, angry, beaten down, dispassionate, discouraged, so far down you’re wondering if you’ll ever get your life back… Well, I’m here to tell you – there’s one way to get your life back. His name is Jesus. If you’ve never put your faith and …

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imageChristian/Revival Topics

Feed me! Feed me!

I woke up musing on how many Christians feel like “they must be fed” — there are some in network marketing or traditional jobs who want their upline or boss to do it for them — many adult children perpetually living at home without a legit reason to do so — and so on. It would be easy to dismiss …

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Home & Life

Instant Pot Chicken Dinner

I am so grateful to Lacey Grim for saying the words “Instant Pot” in a doTERRA training last year. What a life-changing utterance! I whipped my cell phone out of my pocket and ordered one from Amazon before that class was even over. Oh, the peace and joy it’s brought to my life! Amazing food FAST. Healthy. Easy. Empowering. Awesome. …

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