Well, I tried.

And after I posted some rather raw feelings about it here, a good friend reminded me that hanging it all here is probably not the best thing to do.

A big part of me wants to seek resolution, I want for us to MAKE things right. But I can’t make that happen. I can only control myself, and then only through Christ. Another part of me wants to air every last dirty bit of it -everything I did, everything the rest of the team did, everything she did, for public viewing. Let the world judge. I’m so tired of the gossip wheel turning, of being discussed in hushed tones, of assumptions made. Yet I’m reminded at every turn that Jesus went quietly, not answering His accusers. Nehemiah simply said that God would fight for them. It’s God who judges. And so – I’ve taken down what I said yesterday, and will leave be.

God owns my reputation. I know that my conscience is clear.

Attorney General tells doctor he can’t practice medicine. “feelings, it’s all about feelings”.

The New Hampshire attorney general is investigating a Rochester doctor because a patient complained that he bluntly told her she needed to lose weight. Dr. Terry Bennett said that he’s outraged by what he calls a baseless complaint. A patient was apparently insulted when Bennett told her that she was obese and could only get healthier by losing weight. …… Bennett said that the Attorney General’s Office tried to get him to settle the matter by agreeing to attend a medical education course, which he refused. http://www.wxii12.com/irresistible/4882438/detail.html

New Hampshire has become a bastion of blithering bobbleheads. 🙁

I don’t have the impression from the article that Doctor Bennet took this lady by the jowls and shrieked “YOU FAT PIG!” in her face.

It sounds like he said something along the lines of, “Look, you – if you don’t lose the gut you’ve developed, you and I will be seeing a lot more of each other, and then I’ll have to posthumously introduce you to my friend, the undertaker. You’ll be increasingly miserable along the way. Let’s see if we can avoid that.”

Our doc sat my husband down and told him the same exact thing in the same exact tone of voice the other week (made me want to stand up and cheer, not sue somebody)

I guess the old saying, “The truth hurts” probably holds, here —

But SOMEONE needs to keep hammering the truth home to this lady. The medical board needs to support this doctor and not be pussyfooting around. If she’s obese, she’s obese. The doctor’s obligation is to tell her so.

The Attorney General, on the other hand, needs to butt out. It’s not his business to tell doctors how to doctor. What kind of country do we live in, anyway?

Really, really good.

Yum, yum. Did you know that if you get a package of those frozen fruit thingies… the ones that are peach/melon/grape/etc… for making smoothies… (you do know what I’m talking about, right??) and you really, really, really freeze it like our freezer does… that you can eat them sort of like potato chips?

And they’re really, really, really, really good.

And perhaps better for you than potato chips, too. ::winks::

Wishful Thinking

I really wish that someone around Greensboro offered a grocery-delivery service – I’ve heard that Krogers, Stop&Shop, and Albertson’s all do this… you call them with the items you want, they shop for you and bring it to your home for a small fee (some stores even waive the fee for eldery/disabled customers… VERY nice!).

But this part of the world is SADLY lacking Krogers, Stop&Shope, and Albertson’s!

My friend (I miss her!) Frances has told me of the many wonderments of Albertson’s … wish they would come here. Some of the sales they have, especially on meat… WOWOWOW.

Ideally there would be online ordering… you could pick everything out right on the internet.

Ooooh! :::flash of brilliance::: a lot of these stores already have pharmacies in-store… so they could develop medication delivery as well.

It would be a win-win situation.

I did write to Bi-Lo this morning to suggest it. It’s probably just wishful thinking, though…