It’s Textbook

If you take the time to listen to the stories people tell of how they were abused – especially spiritual abuse stories – what you end up hearing is the SAME story, over and over again.

Different people.
Different situations.
Different locations.
Different backgrounds.
Same abuse.

As a new friend says – “It’s textbook.”

As I say – “the devil has nothing original.”



It’s amazing to me that SO MANY PEOPLE, including numerous apostolic leaders, are openly discussing the reality of sociopaths, narcissism, and spiritual/emotional abuse right now. I keep seeing Facebook posts, magazine articles, podcasts, and videos about it from both secular and Church leaders – people I’ve known for a long time and who I haven’t seen mentioning it before. People are beginning to realize that this is a HUGE issue.

This encourages me on the one hand, and saddens me on the other. Saddens me because when national leaders take notice, it’s an even bigger problem than I’d realized … and encourages me because, with the greater attention and exposure, this issue WILL be dealt with.

Listen to me, my friends – abuse is rampant in the Church, rampant in workplaces, rampant in neighbourhoods, rampant in all sorts of social groups. It has been allowed to go on, unchecked, in the name of “honour” and in the names of “none of my business” and “not my place”. People have been grievously harmed and it’s been treated like it isn’t a big deal. It’s hush-hushed and it’s shoved under the rug. People reason that it’s not like it’s pedophilia or physical violence, after all. It’s treated as a relational issue or worse, people who have been harmed are cast as someone who is “wounded” ending up “offended”. Leaders fail to recognize signs, often blame the victims, and even if they do perceive a problem, lack a structure to deal with it in the correct way.

Hearts may go on beating after they’ve been trampled upon and broken over and over again, but there is little life left inside. There are people out there – and maybe you are one of them – who are shells of their former selves. They’re the ones that show up to church or to work and go through the motions – until one day, they just drop out altogether. They’re the folks who once did everything, and now do nothing. They’re the ones who come up with excuses for a sick day, or stay home and watch the livestream, or who decide to move out of town, or who join a different club or organization, or who end up leaving on disability or taking early retirement.

If that is you, there IS #hope and there IS #healing and there are people to help. You can have your life back, you can regain your zeal and passion, you can reconnect spiritually and emotionally to God and to other people, and it can be so much better than before. PM me. I can’t fix it, but I can point you to one who can.

If you are a church leader, employer, secular leader, or someone who is concerned about this issue, PM me for resources for how to stop this satanic agenda in your organization.

It takes courage to be the one to draw a line in the sand and say “no more” … courage to create healthy boundaries for the leaders in your organization … courage to take a stand when others won’t… courage to break the silence … courage to leave for your own safety and sanity … courage to heal yourself … courage to help others heal.

It’s time to rise up and be courageous.