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...and by His stripes we are healed. (Is. 53:5)

Seeking After Signs & Wonders

A common argument amongst heresy hunters, cessationalists, and skeptics goes like this: “any time the Bible mentions signs and wonders, it’s negative”. They also say, “a wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign.” This view takes Scriptures out of context to the point of doing violence to them. It IS true that Jesus said that those…
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Revival is Costly

Are we willing to risk everything for the sake of offensive, shaking, cross-centered revival that puts an end to much of what we have held dear? – John Burton Do you want God to move in your life? In your church? In your city? Most people will say, “Yes, of course.” But do you really want Him to move? Revival…
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Manifestations & Weird Stuff

Note – this stuff happens frequently in many churches. It’s not all about healing, and not necessarily “revival”, but these things often accompany a revival. Speaking in tongues Healing violence Falling on the floor Feathers, Gold Dust,Gemstones, Manna Gold Teeth Laughter Crying Flags and Dancing Worship music Bobbing and Weaving deliverance from demons miracles “Signs…
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Historical Revivals

Revival has a long history in the New Testament Church (which continues today). From the day of Pentecost until today, there have been outbreaks of revival. Healing often accompanies revival! In the book of Acts, for example, there are many, many instances of people being healed, being delivered from demons, hearing and seeing God, having…
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beliefs and practices

Many of these doctrines are associated with healing, and also with revivals and revivalists. Most are thoroughly biblical, though good men and women of God may disagree at points (regarding the end times, for example). Quite a few are misunderstood. Baptism in the Holy Spirit Spiritual Gifts Baptism in Fire Baptism in “other” things (love,…
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