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...and by His stripes we are healed. (Is. 53:5)

A word from the Lord

Last night we were at a prayer gathering for the National Day of Prayer (which is today, but some of the festivities were held last night). During the worship at the end (with a ROCKIN’!!! youth band – these kids are going places!!), the Lord dropped a word into my heart that He wanted to…
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The Glory is Found

I’ve been singing this song for a couple of days now… wanting more and more and MORE of God’s glory in my life! You can buy the live recording at HeatherClarkBand.com on the “Live from Lakeland II” CD. The Glory is Found – Heather Clark – Here’s what Heather has to say about the song:…
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More thoughts on The Gospel of the Kingdom

I sat down with my coffee and oatmeal this morning and was prompted by the Lord to turn to the first chapter of Mark and start reading. I don’t know if I’m missing something or there’s some key point I’ve yet to see and apply, because this isn’t the first time He’s led me here.…
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Walking in Victory – or not.

I’m becoming slowly convinced that Christians (self included) aren’t walking in the fullness of the victory that Christ won for us on the cross. If Jesus disarmed principalities and powers, made a public spectacle of them and triumphed over them on the cross (Col. 3:15) – and if we are seated in heavenly places with…
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I want it all!

I must confess – I want it all. Everything God has for me. Everything that’s biblical. If it happened in Bible times, it can surely happen now. If it happened to the apostles, it could happen to me. (After all, the Bible does say that God’s no respecter of persons!) That would include, in no…
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