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Category: Healing Testimonies

...and by His stripes we are healed. (Is. 53:5)

Generational healing

God not only heals, He heals to the uttermost, and to the generations… I say this because I was born with a genetic disease called ehlers-danlos syndrome. It’s a very rare flaw in the gene that makes collagen, and it comes in several different types. The type that I had, and my children had, resulted…
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An amazing account of Wigglesworth

I’m sitting here at Starbucks, reading Bill Johnson’s “Face to Face with God” – great book. One chapter is devoted to some of the great revivalists, including Smith Wigglesworth. Smith was an interesting character – an illiterate plumber who broke down at the thought of speaking in front of a group, transformed by the power…
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The Car Wreck, and trip to Maryland

We were sitting at Waffle House a little after midnight. We’d been ministering to a mom and daughter who’d been at the revival service, and were just about to wrap it up and head for our respective hotels when my cell phone rang. It was Kayti. Tears and hysterics. She’d had a car wreck up…
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The Car Wreck Miracle

I’m writing from a hotel lobby in Maryland, where Kayti was working at summer camp. On her last day here, she¬†was in a serious car wreck. By the extreme grace of God, she and her three friends walked away without a scratch . When I saw the car I burst into tears.   And when…
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My testimony

Olga asked me how I came to Christ, so I went and grabbed my testimony off the ExWitch site for her. Please understand that this is not quite a play-by-play… it’s a condensed version. Please also understand that it was written for a pagan audience. There will almost certainly be terms in here that many…
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