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A word from the Lord

...and by His stripes we are healed. (Is. 53:5)

A word from the Lord

Last night we were at a prayer gathering for the National Day of Prayer (which is today, but some of the festivities were held last night).

During the worship at the end (with a ROCKIN’!!! youth band – these kids are going places!!), the Lord dropped a word into my heart that He wanted to express to those gathered there. The music was deafening, so I had to wait for it to wind down before I could even think about approaching one of the organizers for permission to share. I wasn’t even sure if I’d get permission as it was a mixed group and I’m sure many there had no experience with/don’t believe in prophecy.

So immediately after a song ended, the organizer asked one of the pastors to come and give the benediction – and it was over that fast! BUT (you knew there was a “but” coming, didn’t you?) the pastor prayed conveying the same message as I had, in a slightly different way. The Holy Spirit was all over it!

I asked God for permission to share the word here – it’s an important concept that the Body needs to wrap its mind around! The part in blue is the actual prophetic part – everything else is my contextualizing and explaining.

I think most people here are familiar with the concept of “nameless, faceless generation” that’s pretty popular in the church right now – and I think it’s something from God – but it’s been subconsciously twisted in people’s minds. The church has such an orphan spirit about it that we all-too-often perceive “nameless” and “faceless” as “unrecognized”.

It’s true that most of us will never be on TV, never even have a stage… it’s true that most people are not well-known outside their own small circle of friends… it’s true that most people will never have a level of notoriety here on the earth.

But God wants us to know that as believers, if we draw near to Him and live according to His will (which BTW will result in us doing great exploits in His name!), then our names will be well-known in two essential locations.

First, our names will be known in Heaven. We’re written in the Lamb’s Book of Life! Jesus cries out our names to the Father! We’re the apple of our Father’s eye! (O that the Church could grasp that!) We are not just loved, we are adored and doted on by God! Angels look on all of this in wonderment!

Second, our names are known to satan… and the closer we get to God, the angrier he gets. Why? Because the closer we are to God, the less he can do to us… and the more we can do to him! satan should hear your name and tremble with fear because of the authority you possess!

On that last… wanted to add as an afterthought/encouragement: Who does the King entrust to do His work? Someone with whom He has a relationship and close, continual contact with? Or someone He hears from on Easter and Christmas? Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you… and you will do GREAT exploits for Him and your name will be known in the places it matters most!

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  1. Harry says:

    I checked you out through Burtons site……..I know revival is comming actually God is here………..God is active…..The fire is above our heads and ready to drop….I am not kidding..God is even gonna do some paul stuff..Enemies of God are gonna be struck down and serve him…Never in history have we seen what our god is about to do……..It is all i ever think about……….All i ever see are broken hearted people ….Broken hearts are hungry for God . Hungry for comfort and relief!!!!!!!It only comes from him.Motherless and fatherless children is what our country has become …….Like a third world country……….We are no different……This move of God revival….May at first be offensive to you and me ….We must be carefull and stay out of the way….Let God be God and let the healing flow ! There will also be demonic manifestations right in the middle of what God is doing….It was the same way in the seventies in that move …We aint seen nothing yet OH i cant wait………..

  2. Kathi says:

    That’s a good word, brother… (Were you @ John’s chat last night?) You’ve absolutely echoed and confirmed what God’s been putting in my heart. We ain’t seen nothing yet – and I can’t wait!

  3. Kathi says:

    FYI everyone, “Burton’s site” that Harry mentions is praytherevolution.com – John Burton is the author of 20 Elements of Revival (and several other great books!). I’ve gotten to know him and his sweet wife Amy both through talking about revival and learning from them, and from the Melaleuca business. (Which everyone should try – the products are rockin’ and the opportunities are knockin!)

  4. Harry says:

    Yes i was there last
    night . That onslaught was laughable. My son said Must be something good going on on that site for there to be such a weird attack on a site where 10 or 20 christians are chatting . He is 22 and away from the Lord right now . But But he said some wise words !!!!!!!!!

  5. Harry says:

    Hey hook up with Katherine Albrecht on facebook !!!!! My bro steve won her to the lord when he was did not know if he even believed in God !!!!!!!!!!!!!She needs God I mean the fire not egghead stuff. The Glory of God him ………You will know what i mean !!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Harry says:

    LOve Georgian Branov what a blessing for you !I dont know what you think about Kim Clement but i enjoy his ministry . Check out May 22 word from him on his site. I have seen the same thing and i think you have too !!!!!!!!As i read this word such power of the spirit was on me . WOW !!!!!!!!!!!Tell me what you think !!!!!!!!!

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